The Detroit Street Hot Club performed at Hot Jazz Wednesday from 6 to 9pm on October 17 at the Detroit Filling Station in Kerrytown.  They played Django-style jazz, with tunes such as All of Me, and Sweet Georgia Brown.  A real treat for jazz lovers.  It’s worth a stop in there on Wednesday’s to see … Continued

Davis and Ava dancing Kazumba on Main Street. Check out ‘evolving bodies’ on Facebook, where they have information about classes.

January 2018 Photos

Kiliwins, Maize and Blue Deli (now gone) Logan Restaurant, and Main Street.  Heading out tonight to get some cold weather photos.

Fool Moon 2017

Fool Moon kicked off Ann Arbor’s 2017 festival season on April 7, 2017.  A 3/4 moon hovered over the scene, which included a unicorn on stilts, polynesian-style dancing with led lighting, beautiful interactive LED light projections on the buildings on Washington Ave, and Fool Moon parties that spilled over into the bars.  Festifools is today, … Continued

Neon signs in downtown Ann Arbor are on the rise.  Neon light of all colors are bouncing around all over the buildings and streets.  It’s the glory days of neon in downtown A2.

Neon, rain and Kerrytown’s brick road at night.  Perfect time and place to shoot some photos.  Thanks to Mark Chalou for making the sign. Above, red neon on brick at night and below, a window reflection with an LED streetlight juxtaposed with the neon sign. Photo below is an abstract, shot through the window. Cool … Continued

An alto sax player named Ahmid solos to Jamie Abersol play-a-long music on State Street in Ann arbor.  He’s a classically trained musician who just started playing jazz.    If you can catch him playing live on the streets of A2, you’ll be in for a real treat.  He usually plays at Nickels Arcade, or … Continued

Julian Montgomery plays in Nickels Arcade for its excellent acoustics.  Nikon 200-500mm lens @ F5.6, 1/25th of a second, ISO 10,000.