Italian restaurant
Neon reflection of Argieros restaurant in Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown.

Neon, rain and Kerrytown’s brick road at night.  Perfect time and place to shoot some photos.  Thanks to Mark Chalou for making the sign.

Argieros itallian food
Neon reflection.

Above, red neon on brick at night and below, a window reflection with an LED streetlight juxtaposed with the neon sign.

LED streetlight neon
LED streetlight juxtaposed with neon sign.

Photo below is an abstract, shot through the window.

Abstract Neon Art
Looks nice out of focus.

Cool shot below of the interior.

photos inside argieros
The restaurant interior.

Argieros, in all its neon an brick rainy-night glory.

brick road
Argieros restaurant in Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown.