Here are some of my shots where I Juxtapose the cool downtown LED streetlights with things like restaurant signs, people, etc.  Many of them are reflections in windows.   Because I like to keep them simple, they are mostly zoom shots, isolating a few interesting elements in the frame. I like to shoot the wider, cityscape-type shots too, but for these I’ve focused in tighter.  These beautiful LED lights really are worth photographing over and over again.  It’s limitless, the kind of images that can be created, especially when you add weather.

Ann Arbor LED lights
•• A nice little collage with a white drop shadow added to each image.


LED streetlight reflection
•• This is some kind of metal roof inside Mighty Good Coffee on Main Street I think. The LED lights are reflecting in the window.
••  Palio on Main.
•• Palio on Main.
•• Palio again.
•• Palio again.
•• An excellent accordion player.
•• An excellent accordion player.
Kresge Building reflection
•• Lights reflecting off the Kresge Building.
West Side Book Shop
•• West Side Book Shop on Liberty.
La Dolce Vita LED lights
La Dolce Vita on Main Street.
LED lights Blue Nile
The Blue Nile restaurant on East Washington. They have great bread with a sponge-like texture. I’m still not into using HDR, since I’d rather spend my time finding and shooting cool scenes, than sitting at the computer.
LED lights Ann Arbor
•• LED lights reflected in one of those historical markers.
LED hair salon
•• This is a poster inside the window of a hair salon on State Street I think, with the LED streetlight reflecting off the window.
State Theater rain
•• State Theater in a long telephoto view up the hill and across Main Street.  If you look close you can see where all the different colored reflections come from.
Classic car in ann arbor
•• A classic car parked in front of Palio Ristorante on Main Street, illuminated by those cool LED lights.