Take something like an LED streetlight…

LED streetlight collage
Click on this collage to see each photo individually.  (All photos © Mark Bialek)

…follow it to Kerrytown

sparrows market
A busy window scene at Sparrows market in Kerrytown. Beautiful LED streetlights reflected in the window.

…to Elephant Ears

zingerman's deli
This is the initial window scene of Elephant Ears in Kerrytown. In the next photo below I juxtapose the lamp with the streetlights in a telephoto shot. That’s Ann Arbor Nights. (Photo by Mark Bialek)

…look closer

Elephant Ears
LED streetlights juxtaposed with a pretty lamp shade in this window scene outside Elephant Ears in Kerrytown. (Photo by Mark Bialek)

…gaze into Conor O’Neill’s window

Ann Arbor Irish Pub
Window scene from Conor Oneill’s Irish Pub on Main Street. New forms were put on Main Street’s LED lights recently, as seen in this photo. The lights appear brighter too. (Photo by Mark Bialek)

…observe the details

Ann Arbor Window Scene
Ann Arbor’s LED lights with their new forms, reflected in the window of a jewelry store on Main Street. (Photo by Mark Bialek)

…catch some fireflies

Catching Fireflies
Catching Fireflies at dusk. (Photo by Mark Bialek)

…soak in some red and green

Circus Ann Arbor
Light & shadow, color & textures in this scene alongside Circus Bar on 1st Street. (Photo by Mark Bialek)

…mix in some neon

Zingerman's NEON
LED streetlights mixing with neon in the Zingerman’s Deli front window. (Photo by Mark Bialek)

…and that’s Ann Arbor Nights