Here’s a maize and blue tribute to the 10-win wolverines.  Great season.  Looking forward to 2016.  It was also a great year for Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan in general.  Happy new year, Ann Arbor.

University of Michigan Art
A University of Michigan banner is photographed through a window with this artistic interpretation at the Maize and Blue Deli in downtown Ann Arbor, MI.

The Big House, illuminated with lights from just one side: (photoshop filter applied)

Maize and Blue
Michigan stadium (also known as The Big House) in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Michigan stadium during a night game against Notre Dame a few years ago:

Michigan football night game
Fans are silhouetted on the scoreboard during U-M’s first-ever night game on Sept 10, 2011.  Marky Mark- photog
Football moon
The moon peaks through the clouds over Michigan stadium during U-M’s first-ever night game on Sept 10, 2011.  MjB



















Ann Arbor cityscape
The Ann Arbor Skyline (Photo by Mark Bialek)
accordian player
An man plays an accordion at night under Ann Arbor’s LED streetlights.  Mjb
Street art
Michigan Theater sign shot through a store window on Liberty Street.  (Photo by Mark Bialek)
Ann Arbor night art
Window reflections of Ann Arbor’s LED streetlights are juxtaposed with art along Main Street.  (MjB photo)

Old photo of fans at Happy’s Pizza during the Notre Dame night game, back when Denard Robinson was playing:

happy's pizza
Fans celebrate at Happy’s Pizza on Main Streert as Michigan scores the winning touchdown during U-M’s first-ever night game on Sept 10, 2011. (Mjb Photo)