•• From these God Beans you can have a God Shot made for you at Roos Roast, located at 1155 Rosewood Street in Ann Arbor.  As I was shooting a closeup of an espresso at his coffee shop one day, John commented that it was a “God Shot.”  So I figured the beans must be God Beans.  Roos Roast is a great place to meet people and chat too.  I like to head over to his shop, drink some coffee, and improvise some photos every now and again.

I know this is Ann Arbor Nights, but I’m making a category for daytime shots that I will post occasionally.  Thanks for viewing.

Fall is the time to drink good coffee and shoot pictures. (Photo ©Mark Bialek)


•• The GOD SHOT. (Photo ©Mark Bialek)
•• GOD SKY – One of the earlier shots I improvised over at Roos Roast. (Photo ©Mark Bialek)
•• Another delicious God Shot. (Photo ©Mark Bialek)