Las Gatos plays a gig at Rush Street Nightclub on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor Thursday night.  Green Dolphin Street and Caravan were two jazz standards that they played.  The group plays each year at Top of the Park. Conga Solo. Paul VornHagen on Tenor Sax. Set list. VornHagen on flute.

This way to Pretzel Bell

As the photo below says, this way to Pretzel Bell.  I love the Las Vegas-style arrow that glows inside their restaurant window as you walk up the sidewalk on Liberty and look left into its window.  It’s a welcome sign, as Pretzel Bell replaces the former Lena restaurant, which wasn’t a good fit at Main and … Continued

Foolmoon on Washington

A crowd gathered at 8pm on April 1, 2016 for Foolmoon, a festival with glowing sculptures and puppets, dancing and light shows.  It was a challenging photo shoot, with very low light.  I used a Nikon D810 with a 20mm 1.8G FX lens, shot at F1.8 and ISO 5000 for the photo of the guy … Continued

Here’s a maize and blue tribute to the 10-win wolverines.  Great season.  Looking forward to 2016.  It was also a great year for Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan in general.  Happy new year, Ann Arbor. The Big House, illuminated with lights from just one side: (photoshop filter applied) Michigan stadium during a night … Continued

Take something like an LED streetlight… Click on this collage to see each photo individually.  (All photos © Mark Bialek) …follow it to Kerrytown …to Elephant Ears …look closer …gaze into Conor O’Neill’s window …observe the details …catch some fireflies …soak in some red and green …mix in some neon …and that’s Ann Arbor Nights

Shinola Clock

Shinola’s new clock is up at Main & Liberty.  Renovations are underway for their new store.  

Hats off to this great kitty.  Took his pic last year.  Hope they get another house kitten soon.  Only an intelligent cat looks at you this way.